Auditioning is a skill.

Hi, I’m Mary McGinley, producing artistic director of the Carolinian Shakespeare Festival.  I’ve been in charge of casting for the festival for the past 11 years.  Before that I worked in the casting departments at a variety of regional theaters.  I ‘m also a director with 30 years experience and a terminal degree in Directing (=Ph.D.) so you can call me “Doctor.” Furthermore, over the years I have worked with some of the top casting directors in the country.

Auditioning is a skill that can be learned, or at least developed. (Talent is another thing.) Some actors just complain: “I’m just not a good auditioner.”  Well, that is part of your job.  If you are going to be an actor, you are going to have to learn how to audition.  So face the fact and buckle down.

Every year I see hundreds of actors in interviews and auditions.  I know an audition is a harrowing experience for actors.  Let me tell you that its not that great for me either.  I really feel for you.  I’m thrilled when I see a good audition and I’m frustrated when an actor blows it by ignoring simple things.  I always come out of auditions saying to myself: “I need to write a book, to stop actors from doing stupid things and get them to show me how good they can be.”

My free ebook is coming soon, so I hope you will subscribe to get that for free. I don’t have a dvd or a course of classes to sell you.  That’s not what this is site is about.  Remember, I really want you to be good! (My reward will be getting to work with great actors in the future.


Doctor M.

PS. The Carolinian Shakespeare Festival is now accepting submissions for auditions for “As You Like It.”  See the website for details:

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