Major Resume Mistake

As I’m about to advertise for photo/resume submissions I suddenly thought of the major mistake that many beginning actors make on their resumes.  (Aside from lying.)  So, I thought I would explain it here, especially since I really have not seen it explained to actors anywhere else.

When listing your experience, put the items in these four columns: play, character, director and production company.  That last one seems to confuse a lot of actors.  They list the theater where the play was produced, not the name of the company.  What many beginning actors don’t understand is that companies don’t necessarily own the building they produce in.

The point here is that the listing on your resume is there to let someone considering hiring you know who you have worked for before.  Your resume should let them know who to contact to get a further reference.  If I am about to hire someone and had any question about their work, I want the option of calling a previous employer, not the owner of the building who doesn’t know the actor.

As I’ve said in the past, the casting of a play is so critical to its success, that a good director does his best to get it right.  This includes checking references.  So, you as an actor must give the name of the company where these references can be checked.

And keep in mind that if you did play a part where you caused trouble, leave it off your resume.  If could come back to haunt you.  Next week I’ll continue to let you in on some more Do’s and Don’t’s.


Dr. M.

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