Career Control, Part I

How is everyone doing on your auditions? Please let me know. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m just wondering how your plans are going?

“Plans?” you say, “What do you mean by plans? Shouldn’t I just keep on going to all the auditions I can and wait for someone to say ‘Yes’?”

Well, yes, of course you could do that. And quite frankly, it may seem that all actors do that. But wouldn’t you rather have a career that is meaningful to you? One that you feel you have some control of? An actor has so little control over so many things, you need to grab it when you can.

Wise ones will tell you, the only thing you can really control is yourself. So, start there. Make an appointment with yourself to have a serious discussion about your career. You want to work out a clear over-all mission and a specific business plan for yourself.

Block out a time when you can be free of stress and distractions. Start with a little meditation or a glass of wine, whichever you prefer. Then ask yourself some questions and write down the answers. (There is something about writing things out, in long hand, that make them visceral and real, from your gut rather than your head.)

What do I do well?
What kind of work have I gotten the most positive feedback on from people who’s opinion I respect?

What do I want to do?
What work have I most enjoyed doing, regardless of the feedback?

These are the primary questions. If the answer to all of them is the same thing, then you have you first clue to the direction you should be going in.
If the answers to the two bold questions are something different, this is also good. You have a start to you plan: to seek out the best way to develop the second skill in yourself, while at the same time using the first skill to get work and make connections.

See how simple that was? Of course, there is a lot more to this. You still need to fine-tune your mission and start to structure a business plan. These will be discussed in the next installment of Career Control. Stay tuned.

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